I teach because I truly enjoy contributing to students’ growth – growth as knowledge-holders within a field, growth as scholars, citizens, professionals, and as individuals. To do this, my teaching does more than dryly convey information to a group of passive recipients. Instead, I focus on the student and encourage them to engage actively with the subject. For more information, you may find my teaching statement here.

My teaching experience has come in many forms, including as a teaching assistant, course facilitator, and course instructor. Please see my CV (available here) for more information. Syllabi from courses I have created and served as the sole instructor are available below.

Media and Politics (PSC 2229)
This course investigates the role that the media plays in our society and politics. It focuses on several broad themes important to understanding the media and the role it plays in our politics: the centrality of the media to American politics; the growth and development of the American media system and the changes to media taking place today; the media’s coverage of specific policy issues; the process of news-making; the effects on public opinion and voting behavior; the structure of the American media system; and the American media system in a comparative context. Class discussions and readings will be devoted to scholarship in economics, political science, and communication that elucidate these key themes about the media.
Summer 2017 Syllabus (click to access syllabus)